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Our Story

Simply Good Cakery is a social enterprise of Extended Hands of Hope

Extended Hands of Hope's mission is to offer safe housing and supportive services to survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. We accomplish this through Avanti House Safe Home for girls ages 12-17, Forward Learning Academy, Community-based Mental Health Outreach, and our new social enterprise Simply Good Cakery! 

Extended Hands of Hope was founded in 2013 in response to the demands and barriers for more adequate and appropriate housing, safety, and recovery opportunities, specifically for minors recovered from sex trafficking in the Denver Metropolitan Area.  Colorado has one of the highest instances of sex trafficking in the nation. In response to a great need for housing and services, EHH deemed it an extreme necessity to offer housing and comprehensive services, utilizing a national trauma informed care framework and service delivery model that addresses the following seven domains: requirements, guiding principles, victim confidentiality, identifying trafficking and intervening, service needs, partnering with other service providers, and transition planning and long-term survivorship. All EHH programs are evidence-based and trauma-informed, modeled after best practices in operation throughout the country. The well-trained staff members receive on-going and specialized training in working with trafficked, exploited, and sexually abused victims. Over 90% of the victims of sex trafficking recovered in the metro Denver area have a history of sexual abuse. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, trafficking victims suffer from an array of physical and psychological health issues as a result of inhumane living conditions, poor sanitation, inadequate nutrition, poor personal hygiene, and brutal physical  and emotional attacks at the hands of their traffickers. Additionally, there are serious psychological consequences of trauma. Substance abuse may be present as a result of being coerced into drug use by traffickers or from turning to substances to cope with or mentally escape a desperate situation. The daily mental abuse and torture victims experience can lead to PTSD, depression, disorientation, confusion, phobias, panic attacks, feelings of helplessness, shame, humiliation, shock, denial, or disbelief.

Our programs specifically address these implications and challenges.